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Take a look at our past projects and those we are still working on

Spooky lamp

The Spooky lamp was one of our first prints, 40 cm high, which allowed us to use this model to see the critical points of the printer and how to calibrate it accordingly.

Brain from MRI

This is one of the most interesting ones we have worked on, in fact the customer wanted to 3D print his own brain from the file provided in the clinic after an MRI scan of his head. 
If you are interested in a similar project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plastic Shredder 

The plastic shredding funnel is a collaborative project with a team from the Student Project House at ETH Zurich. We are pleased to have been able to help this project as it has the mission to recycle plastic and give it new life, we hope to collaborate again in the future!


The Hydrofoil project is a collaboration with a team from the Student Project House at ETH Zurich and aims to print wings that will later be laminated with carbon fibre. 
Updates will follow as soon as some structural issues of the Hydrofoil are resolved. 

Fishing rod handle

This project is a simple example of how we quickly satisfied a customer's request for a handle for his fishing rod, the only information we needed was a few measurements and the desired colour.