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3D printed polymer solutions

Bring your ideas to life no matter the complexity, no matter the size.

Transforming ideas into reality with Swiss engineering

Pango Print is a project born at ETH Zurich, specializes in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology. We have a deep passion for using eco-friendly materials like PLA and wood fibers in our realizations.


Our commitment to exceptional customer service matches the quality of our products.


Count on us for a reliable 3D printing tailor made service that meet your specific needs.

Our services


From your file to a 3D Print

You send us your file and we

print it.


From your idea to a 3D print

We help you creating the file from your idea and we print it.


E-commerce implementation

If you are an e-commerce and you need a print for your costumers, we print it and we send it directly to them.

From idea to 3D print

Fill the form sharing your idea to get a quote

Get unique objects

Buy unique 3D printed objects, ranging from art  to indoor furnishings

Find your inspiration 

Explore examples of what you can create using both small and large 3D printers.

Contact us

Zürich, Switzerland

Thank you!

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